Eglise Pentecotiste Source de Vie

God's Saving & Healing Place

Welcome. You are home


As the lord’s command, our mission is to spread the Gospel everywhere to every soul. We care dearly for the broken and lost souls. Therefore, Source of Life Pentecostal Church won’t rest until we bring them to God so they can be healed and saved.


 Source of life Pentecostal Church is a healing place for all. We give shelter and provide a home to every single member. We exist to help our members grow their faiths by staying closer to the living God. We maintain a friendly and peaceful environment where everyone feels welcome at home.

Source de Vie Reserved a Seat For You

If you are in the Orlando area, come worship with us. You will be blessed.  Your seat is already reserved. Do not hesitate to bring a friend with you. 



A message from Prophetess Chantale Oniasse

My name is prophetess Chantale Onias. I would like to welcome you again at Source of Life Pentecostal Church. I received my vision directly from God. God has blessed me tremendously with his wisdom.  I am to prophesize, give hope to the world and preach the Gospel everywhere in person, through Radio, TV and so one
Chantale Oniasse